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Transfer Agreements

Iowans can be proud of the long-standing voluntary articulation efforts among the state's institutions of higher education. Since the creation of Iowa community colleges in the 1960s, there have been ongoing and extensive discussions about transfer opportunities to the state universities.

Iowa has long been a national leader in articulation and transfer credit policy development. This has occurred through cooperative effort, between faculty and staff in Iowa's Regent universities and community colleges. The Liaison Advisory Committee on Transfer Students (LACTS), formed in 1972, has been instrumental in fostering good relationships and forging the eight statewide agreements that serve as a foundation for the transfer of credit.

Helpful Resources

LACTS has produced two publications - the first to explain the eight statewide agreements, including the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science degrees (Public Connection - part I (PDF)) and the second to document the individual Regent university agreements by community college (Public Connection - part II (PDF)). Public Connection - part II will be revised using a Web-based survey of the colleges and universities. The revision is not available at this time. Contact the respective colleges and universities for the most up to date information about articulation agreements.

These publications serve as excellent resources for transfer students as well as university and community college counselors and advisers and anyone wanting to learn more about articulation.