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Reverse Credit Transfer

Reverse credit transfer is a partnership developed by the Board of Regents and Iowa's public universities in close collaboration with Iowa's community colleges to facilitate the transfer of credits back to one of Iowa's community colleges for the purpose of providing an opportunity for students to attain a degree, diploma or certification.

The agreement builds on the many existing collaborative arrangements between the institutions that promote the success of community college students as they transition to Iowa's public universities.

How does reverse credit transfer work?

Iowa community college transfer students have the opportunity to participate in the reverse credit transfer agreement. Community college students indicate their interest, at the time of application to the university, in applying future credits earned at the university toward the completion of their associate degree, diploma or certification.

By doing so, the student agrees to have his/her university transcript sent back to his/her community college while enrolled at the university. The community college will then evaluate this coursework to determine if degree, diploma or certification requirements are met. The community college makes the decision on whether a degree or other credential will be granted. Any credential will be awarded in the semester/year all final requirements are met.

The sending of the university transcript to the community college does not guarantee the granting of a degree or other credential. This is at the discretion of and subject to the degree and residency requirements of the community college, which is the degree granting institution.

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